Monday, January 31, 2011

Trying to keep you happy.

Dear Readers of Our Blog,

I promise I have not forgotten about our blog. I remember how to get to it and I remember how to post. I remember that there are a few people around the globe who really want to get updates about the Murphy family and see pictures of our darling daughters. I remember all of these things and have wanted to post several times the past six weeks. The problem is that we have so little time for the things we want to do these days. And frankly, when we do have time for something we want to do, I have not wanted to choose blogging over a date night or movie night or sleep. Alas, this must come to an end. Sean is sitting next to me writing Serafina's birth story, so I thought I would go ahead and do a mini-update with some pictures. Once we have the birth story posted, we might even have time to put together and mail some birth announcements!

What we have been up to:
  • Recovering from childbirth
  • Celebrating Christmas, our 4th anniversary, and the New Year
  • Not getting much sleep
  • Sean performed in A Christmas Carol at HCTO
  • Sean directed the 3rd Annual Hale Freezes Over 10k/5k on Jan 29
  • Teaching dance (Megan)
  • Keeping an eye on Matilda so she doesn't smother Serafina with her love
  • Visit from my parents, my two sisters, and three of my nephews to meet Serafina and be here for her blessing
  • Baby shower
  • Sundance Film Festival
  • Enjoying life as a family of four and soaking in as much of these girls as we can while they grow through each fleeting phase. 
  • And most importantly, Matilda built her first snowman.

The Snowman

 Vernon Family Christmas Party at Grandma Fern's. Serafina was 6 days old.

Jasper on Christmas morning. He is getting big!

Matilda loves to get Serafina's toys for her. And I have discovered that my old beanie babies make great gifts for the girls. Matilda loves them!

Sean said that Matilda sat there eating her snack with her hand on Serafina's head for about 30 minutes straight

She is tiny

Baby Shower. Thanks Loni!

Family picture on Seri's blessing day. Pretend she looks happy. That rocking chair belonged to Serafina and Matilda's great great grandmother.

Tilly was ECSTATIC to have Sam back! Kids love playing in Jasper's crate. Don't worry, Tilly knows how to open it from the inside.

Pretty girl. She is growing up so fast! Compare this picture to the family pic from the Christmas party. She has changed a lot!

Park City for Sundance

Tilly wanted to build another snowman so she put on her boots, mittens, and hat all by herself. She forgot the rest of her clothes. Unfortunately, the snow had all melted. We're still waiting for another good snow so she can build another one.

Since she couldn't build a snowman, she decided to jump off the porch a few times instead.


Erica said...

Those are the cutest pictures ever!!

Alison said...

Love the pictures. It was great seeing your cute fam the other day. Your kids are darling, but I think you already knew that. :)

Ana said...

Thanks for the update! I miss reading about you guys.

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

You and Sean look like a Hollywood Celebrity couple at Sundance! Those pictures of Tilly are pretty cute...

ashley: said...

Oh your family is so cute! So glad I found your blog!