Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summer Fun in Oregon!

Due to the many, many things that keep us in Utah, we don't get to visit Oregon nearly as much as I would like. The past two Thanksgivings and Christmases have been spent in dear old Provo, and that won't be changing this year with a baby due on Christmas Day (my midwife changed my due date back). Because of this, I like to take somewhat "extended" vacations to McMinnville during the summer. I went home for a month while I was pregnant with Tilly two years ago; last year we stayed for two weeks; Matilda and I went for 10 days in August of this year. Sean couldn't go with us because we are trying to save his paid days off for when Baby Two comes. It wasn't fun to be away from Sean for so long, but we did have fun hanging out with my side of the family, especially Tilly since she has 11 cousins in Oregon. We were especially glad to be with my sister Allison and Sam, her son. Ally has been in Provo with me since I was a freshman at BYU, but they moved back to Oregon in May and we miss them a lot! Sam and Tilly are best friends and she still asks to go play with him everyday. Anyway, here are some pictures from the trip!

Matilda got so used to having Sam next to her in the car, she kept wondering where he was when we got home.

A day at the beach! It wasn't sunny, but it was fairly warm and not too windy.

She thought it was hilarious to shove her face in the sand and go "nigh-nigh."

Matilda, Kale, Sam, Jake

Playing at the beach with her cousins

These are two of the four pictures of me from our entire trip.

Tilly enjoyed counting the kites. Her counting currently includes saying 2 and 3 over and over, although sometimes she pulls out 8 9 10 or something.

Reading with McKenna and Zach

Matilda and Andrew had a joint birthday party. Andrew turned 2 just five days after Tilly. She was so excited to get outside and go swimming!

With "mama" and "bapa"

Every time Tilly sees these pictures, she says, "Ewww...yucky!" She likes to be clean these days.

Andrew's mom, Annie, brought a pinata to the party. The kids loved it! Matilda didn't quite get it though. While everyone else was grabbing handfuls, she was quite content with the first piece she picked up.

After the party, Tilly got some quality time with Sam and Andrew. She wants to play with them everyday, so we named a couple of her stuffed animals Sam and Andrew.

Drawing with Handsome Samson the day before we left.

We love you, Rudens! I can't wait to bring both of my girls out to play next Spring or Summer!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Just in case American rap is a little too racy for you, I wanted to introduce you to some wholesome Sudanese-Australian rap. Enjoy!