Friday, January 9, 2009

Hasselhoff Sings the National Anthem

I just remembered that I have a video of one of our nation's greatest heroes glorifying Francis Scott Key's greatest work.

P.S. I think he's just trying to create some momentum for "Baywatch: The Musical".

Pooping on the Craps

This is why I never kept a journal. I want to write details, commentary, tangents, and witty remakes about everything that happens while at the same time pontificating the precise and pointless philosophies which underlie each action. So when I do not write about something immediately after it happens, I get behind and say to myself, "If I haven't done it today and the world did not end, then it can surely go one more day." And thus it does. Day by day. Day by day. Day by day. Oh dear Lord, three things I pray: to see thee more clearly, love thee more dearly, follow thee more nearly day by day. (Thanks to Godspell for the lyrical inspiration. If you've never seen that movie, it is a MUST for all you Netflix-ers. Move it to the top of your queue today. The same guy who did the music to Wicked wrote the music for Godspell. Victor Garber as an afro-Jesus is also classic.)

I have decided that it is like doing the dishes. When I have a clean kitchen, it is easy to just wash and put in the dishwasher any and everything I use. When something is in the sink, though, I begin thinking that one more thing won't hurt since I obviously do not have time to rinse and put away what I used plus what is already in the sink. And thus is backs up. And up. And up. Day by day. Day by day. Oh dear goodness, you didn't really think I was going to go through all that again, did you?

Come with me back to December 20, 2008. You there? Okay then.

I knew that my wife had a surprise for me scheduled for that day, because she told me that she did. But I had no idea what it was. It seemed like we were going to be spending the night somewhere because she kicked me out of the room so she could "organize some things" (i.e. pack), but then my brother showed up at about 8 AM, and I was really confused. It had been horrible weather, so I did not think we would drive anywhere, but then we all piled into the car and started south on I-15 with James driving. About the time we got to Nephi, Megan let me open a box which contained two tickets to the Las Vegas Bowl game featuring BYU v. Arizona!! What a thoughtful wife I have!

Tilly was great the whole way down and back, and people couldn't seem to get enough of her. We stopped at In-n-Out in Washington, Utah, for lunch and at least four people went out of their way to say how beautiful she is. While Megan was standing in line to check us in at the Stratosphere, many other people just stared at Matilda and how she was balancing at the end of my outstretched arm. She's even a good little gambler too. Luckily we were up $50 when she pooped on the craps table and they asked us to leave. A forgivable error, no?

So then we went to the Las Vegas Bowl. It was a great game, then we lost. James and I even went down on the field after to try and get some U of A fans to start talking crap and make some fun adventures and memories that way, but they just ignored us completely. I swear I could have punched a linebacker in the kneecap and he would not have done anything. The highlight of the night had to be David Hasselhoff singing the national anthem.

Hobo Bum McMurphy and James after the game

The next day we had a lot of fun meandering about the Stratosphere and the Strip. I got Megan a nice coat from United Colors of Benetton as her Christmas present, we watched the fountains at Bellagio, and we used google maps on my phone to find the nearest Smith's when Matilda pooped a mighty poop in what turned out to be her last diaper. And Las Vegas is not like Utah were you can ask any (I mean ANY) random passerby if they have a diaper.

Can I say a few more things about the Tilly-nomenon? Thanks. It was honestly odd the number of people who would look at her and smile and slow down to interact with her for a second. Some told us how lucky we are, others just cooed for a minute then walked on. When going down the pathway at the Bellagio, we were right behind a bride in an elaborate and ornate gown, and Tilly got more looks and smiles than even her! Megan thinks that it is because Utah in inundated with babies that Matilda does not draw quite as much attention here. James also made the astute comment that the only people who were not smiling at her were the ones with babies in their arms or in a stroller. He thought, and I agree, that they are probably thinking, "Stupid people with the baby that is so much cuter than mine. I hates them."

So here are a few shots I took of and at the Bellagio, followed by our little baby, The Cute:

The happy Murphy family in front of the gaudy, glittering, and gorgeous Bellagio courtyard Christmas display

Matilda sitting pretty while the fountains dance to Madonna's version of "Santa Baby"

Hobo Bum McMurphy, Tilly, and Uncle Jimmathy

And I leave you for now with two of the cutest pictures you've ever seen.