Thursday, September 13, 2007

What is a Blog?

I don't really even know where to start with these things. I know that "blog" stands for "Web log" but I just haven't been able to catch the concept or appeal. In theory the best way to understand the chicken pox would be to suffer through them yourself, so here I go, having a sleepover with the most infected kid in Avast mateys! This is my maiden voyage to Bloggerland! From what I understand you just sit down and tell your thoughts to anyone who cares to read them. It's basically a very open journal that allows the world a glimpse into the who of the author. If that's the case, then good for me, bad for you. I never have been very good at keeping a journal, but I am quite adept at wasting vast amounts of time on the internet, so here goes...
By way of introduction, the feller with the trombone there is me when I was in seventh grade. I think it's a good picture, and sometimes I don't think I've changed much since then. Sure, my vocabulary may be a bit more robust and I'll swear every now and again, but mostly I'm just a kid walking around with short pants, a calculator watch, and a piece of metal making noise. That's all I care to say for now.